New generation of cash register

Available on Apple and Android tablets

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A complete cash register solution

Simplify customer payments process

Via the directory, identify your customer to associate him/her with a purchase, add an item to his basket and process your customer’s payment with a few clicks.

Manage your product catalogue

Benefit from complete product sheets (pictures, references, barcode), add item variations and manage your stock in real time.

Create customer loyalty

Create a customer-based loyalty program and offer benefits to your customers to encourage them to come back to your business.

Keep track of your activity

Access your activity’s key figures (turnover, margins, number of tickets issued, medium basket) and follow their evolution so you can take the right decisions.

The RoverCash software is compatible with numerous payment devices.

What is RoverCash?

An efficient tool to support your sales force

More than a payment solution, RoverCash replaces your traditional till, turning your tablet or your mobile phone into a genuine management tool. Behind your counter, in the aisles, on a business trip, collect customer payments with just a flew clicks. Connected to the latest generation of EPTs, RoverCash will secure all your transactions.

The RoverCash software, a genuine management tool for businesses

What can RoverCash do for you ?

From checkout to creating customer loyalty, RoverCash will accompany you

RoverCash helps you create customer loyalty and centralises your sales. RoverCash enables you to keep an eye on the evolution of your turnover, in the form of comprehensive statistics. Go even further with the Plus version of RoverCash by directly generating your estimates and customer orders. RoverCash knows how to make itself essential from day-to-day.

RoverCash, till for tablets

RoverCash, an innovative solution?

RoverCash for a connected business

Although designed as a genuine till for tablets able to function on its own even offline, RoverCash expresses its full power when it is linked to an ERP. Because a connected business should be equipped with the latest technologies, the POS RoverCash is the ideal tool for salespeople giving them performance, flexibility and scalability.

RoverCash an innovative till that connects

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The cash register to

  • RoverCash is a till software that allows you to make sales and process payments

    Your RoverCash till allows you to input your sales easily and quickly thanks to intuitive navigation and handling simplicity.

  • The RoverCash app enables customer loyalty and relations management.

    Your RoverCash till enables you to create customer loyalty thanks to a loyalty programme that’s effective and easy to put in place.

  • RoverCash is a checkout system for tablets

    With RoverCash you can print receipts and give them to customers, but also send them by e-mail directly from the application.

  • The RoverCash software allows you to manage stock.

    Thanks to your RoverCash software, you can keep an eye on the evolution of your stock in real time and establish management rules that will make daily routines easier.

  • The point of sale solution is also an efficient accounting tool.

    With RoverCash, close your till on a daily basis and access your till history to check the state of your accounting in real time.

  • Discover the statistics overview of the RoverCash till

    RoverCash enables you to analyse your results thanks to detailed statistics of your day-to-day activity.

Till for tablets and smartphones

With RoverCash, adopt an innovative solution for your shop that integrates the essential functions to manage your activity.

RoverCash is in compliance with till regulations.
Equip yourself with till software

RoverCash is a POS system that’s adapted to all types of businesses.

The cash register RoverCash is complementary to peripheral mobile payment devices.
Switch to mobile payments

More flexible, quicker and simpler, the mobile payment solutions developed in partnership with well-known actors from the banking sector, connect to your RoverCash app.

Why choose RoverCash ?

Job experience

By choosing RoverCash, you’ve made a safe choice that’s developed by the company LUNDI MATIN that’s accumulated 10 years of experience in the publishing of management software and counts thousands of customers.

Customised training

All year long you can register to our courses as to further understand our solutions, attend our webinars on various subjects or look up our on line assistance (documentation, videos, etc.).

Free support

Based in Montpellier, our technical support team is at your disposal to help you with your first steps using our software or when you encounter difficulties using it.

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