Keep an eye on your activity

RoverCash gives you essential data

Key figures close at hand

RoverCash makes accounting easier and gives you your activity's key figures so you can take the right decisions for your business.

Analyse your results

From your tablet, check your sales force’s performances by generating detailed sales statistics presented in the form of effective graphs.

Access to key figures

Turnover, margins, number of receipts issued, medium basket, new customers, exploit the necessary statistics to control your performances.

Find your cash register history

From your RoverCash app, you can find your sales history at any time by defining the periods of time that interest you.

Export your accounting data

Your RoverCash till software allows you to export your accounting data with just a few clicks, or directly send your accountant the access to carry out the export.

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More possibilities

Sales statistics

Number of receipts printed, total turnover, by customer category, by item category, by brand, analyse the profitability of your activity as well as your margins…

Customer data

By analysing your customers’ behaviour, like the medium basket for example, accumulate data that will enable you to better satisfy them.


In order to understand and exploit your activity’s statistics, find them in the form of clear and dynamic graphs.


Till history

At any moment, view your cash register history to see the latest sales made, or those made during a given time.

Funds transfer

As soon as the till is closed, its content is transfered to your back office for the bank deposit.

Accounting export

With your authorisation, your accountant can access your application in order to export the necessary accounting data.

You have questions?

We have the answers.

Which data is viewable from the statistics menu on RoverCash ?
From your statistics menu, you can find all your activity’s key figures : Turnover excluding taxes, Turnover including taxes, margins, number of receipts and medium basket. To access enriched sales statistics, you can connect to your back office.

Is it possible to focus on certain data?
Of course. You can isolate the data you wish to put forward and view them by period (day, week, month, year), by salesperson and by store if you have more than one.

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