Customers take the floor

Virginie, 29 years old
A ready-to-wear store manager

Virginie already had 4 tills in her women’s ready-to-wear shop when she realised that her sales assistants were losing time during customer checkouts because the tills were difficult to handle. She wanted to change her tills and she chose RoverCash as to offer an easy checkout solution to her colleagues and to save time and money as she doesn’t need to train each new sales assistant.

Mathieu, 32 years old
Sales manager

Mathieu runs a high-tech products shop and needed to innovate by offering a mobile Point of Sale payment solution. He didn’t want a traditional till. So Mathieu chose to supply his sales advisers with tablets equipped with RoverCash in order to easily inform customers on items and collect payments without having to go to the counter. From his office, Mathieu follows sales and turnover evolution thanks to his online back-office.

Clément, 24 years old
Creator of his own Food Truck

Clement is a self-employed person, he created his own Food Truck in the Toulouse region. Everyday he sells his hamburgers all over the city by placing his truck in strategic spots like business parks. He needed a till that could follow him everywhere he went to collect his customers’ payment, give out receipts and invoices on the spot, and save their contact details to create customer loyalty. So he opted for the RoverCash app and an iPad with 4G to make his job easier. Back home at night, he looks at his statistics thanks to the online back-office.

Roger, 54 years old,
Street trader

Roger runs a travelling grocery. In his van, he travels to isolated villages in his department every day, where having a 3G or 4G connection isn’t always easy, to deliver goods to the inhabitants. So Roger needed a till solution that works offline and that takes up less space than a traditional till. Therefore, he equipped himself with RoverCash on a tablet and can also keep track of the state of his stock in real time.

Léana, 26 years old

Leana, an at home hairdresser, used to spend 8 hours a day running around going from customer to customer . Since the launch of her activity, her order book kept getting bigger, and so needed to be better organised. Every night, Leana had to copy the day’s activity in her billing software, then send the bills to the customers who had asked for them. Overwhelmed, she chose RoverCash and it now allows her to directly send bills to a customer’s address. Leana can now go home and spend more time with her children.

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