Manage your customer relations

Keep in touch with your customers

Create customer loyalty

Your till software allows you to know your customers and make them loyal thanks to a customised loyalty programme

Learn to know your customers

Thanks to complete customer sheets, you can store all the essential information concerning your customers (surname, name, contact details, purchase history, customer accounting balance, credit note, loyalty points, etc.)

Offer benefits to your customers

For each item bought, customers receive a set of loyalty points and accumulates them purchase by purchase. He can then spend them instead of a classic payment method.

Customise your loyalty programme

From your till’s back office, simply create your loyalty programme by setting the acquisition rules for loyalty points.

Easily contact your customers

To keep in touch with your customers, RoverCash gives you the possibility of sending customised emails to your customers directly from their customer sheet.

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More possibilities

Customer directory

All your customer sheets are listed in an easy to use and intuitive directory.

Customer sheet

Create sheets allowing you to keep important data concerning your customers (surname, name, contact details, company, purchase history, customer accounting balance, credit notes, loyalty points) updated in real time.

Customer category management

To have a better understanding of who your customers are, you can organise them in categories (private individuals, professionals, new customers, etc…).

Send emails

To keep in touch with your customers, you can send them emails directly from their customer sheet.

Loyalty programme

Create and customise your loyalty program from your back office by setting your own rules about calculations of loyalty points acquired.

Loyalty point management

Set your equivalence euros / points, your customers accumulate loyalty points during purchases or add them manually during a special event.

You have questions?

We have the answers.

What information do your customer sheets contain ?
Customer sheets contain vital information to your management : surname, name, organisation, contact details, purchase history, current credit notes, customer accounting balance, loyalty points balance.

I have more than 15 000 customers, is it easy to find a specific customer in the directory?
Nothing’s eaiser. The search field meant for this allows you to search by surname, name or organisation.


Is it possible to keep a loyalty programme history for each customer?
Yes. From your back office, you can easily find the history of loyalty points gained and spent by this or this customer on his customer sheet.

Can I set the rules for loyalty points gained and spent how I want?
Of course. You can define that this product purchase is worth this number of loyalty points gained. Concerning loyalty points spending, you can also set your own rules. For example, you can determine that 200 loyalty points is worth 25 euros.


Can I manually give add and remove loyalty points?
Indeed, even though a loyalty programme is initially designed to accumulate points automatically for customer purchases, you can add or remove customer’s points to your liking from your back-office.

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