Optimise product management

A genuine management tool on a day-to-day basis

Manage your stock in real time

Thanks to your till software, easily list your items in your catalogue and manage stock effectively.

Manage your product catalogue

Create your item sheets and index them in different catalogue categories. Access all the information related to your products (category, name, reference, price, VAT, barcode, description, picture, stock) with just a few clicks.

Manage your items’ ranges

RoverCash’s product catalogue allows you to easily manage your items’ ranges (size, colour, etc.) and to assign the rights visuals to it. Thus, no need to create a new item sheet for each range, your till software does it automatically.

Optimise your stock

From your back office, view movement history for each of your products and stock is updated in real time on RoverCash for optimal management. Your till software also manages stock for multiple-sites.

Avoid out of stock

Define a threshold alert for stock so to be warned when it’s time to restock and so avoid all risks of out of stock.

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More possibilities

Product catalogue

From your back office, configure your product catalogue thanks to numerous options that allow a simpler management and exploitation. For each product sheet, store essential information (category, name, reference, barcode, price, VAT, description, picture).

Item ranges

You’re selling a product with different varieties of sizes or colours ? No need to create each variety one by one, our range creation system does it for you.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are important conversation levers. By including them automatically on your item sheets, you make your customer’s decision-making easier.

Stock updated in real time

At any time, view the state of the stock of each item. They are updated in real time with each movement of stock.

Stock threshold alarm

Each of your items is associated with a minimum of stock not to exceed so your stock is always efficiently managed.

Multi-shop stock management

You have multiple shops? Manage all your stock from your RoverCash app.

You have questions?

We have the answers.

I have a catalogue of more than 5.000 items, is it possible to search for an item in particular ?
Child’s play. Thanks to the search engine that’s included, you can search by using filters related to your items (items in stock, new articles, articles on offer or favourite articles) but also by filtering by brand or product category. The search bars available allow you to search for an item by entering its name, its references or then again its barcode.

Is it possible to do an inventory with RoverCash ?
It’s possible to realise an inventory of your products by treating them case by case. To realise a real inventory, you need to equip yourself with the Essential version of the online back office.

Can I set stock threshold alarms?
Of course. To serenely manage your stock, you can, from your back-office, set a minimum of stock for each of your items, under which you will be told to restock.

Can I manage the stock of several shops from my till software?

With RoverCash equipped to your tablet, you can view all your shops’ stock. To carry out all your stock management operations, you need the Essential version of the web back-office.

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