Manage your sales with just a few clicks

With RoverCash, manage your sales with your fingertips

Simple, quick and mobile payment

Thanks to the RoverCash software, realise your sales in all simplicity and quickly cash in your customers.

Simply register your sales

In just a few seconds, identify your customer via the directory, add a product to the basket, by searching in the catalogue or by scanning the product’s barcode, then collect your customer’s payment.

Sell from anywhere

Your cash register software allows you to collect customer payments wherever you are: in store, at your customer’s address, at an exhibition, etc. Record sale while offline and synchronisation will be done automatically as soon as the connection returns.

Print your receipts

During payment, RoverCash automatically generates a receipt and allows you to either print it to directly give it to your customer, or to send it by email. On occasion, you can offer gift receipts to your customers.

Quickly collect customer payments

Once the items are selected, all that’s left is to collect payment. Your RoverCash software gives you the choice between several payment methods: cash, credit card, cheques, customer account, meal vouchers, credit notes or loyalty points.

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Even more possibilities

Put a ticket on hold

Thanks to the “Put a ticket on hold” functionality, RoverCash allows you to put a sale on hold in order to collect the next customer’s payment and not lose any time.

Search engine

Whether it is for your product catalogue or your customer directory, you benefit from an efficient search engine allowing you to easily and quickly find the information you want, even during a rush.

Discount management

During a sale, you can manage discounts directly from the cash register. Whether it is in euros or in a percentage of the final bill, you have the choice.

Product returns

Your customer wants to return a product? RoverCash handles it easily and allows you to offer him a refund or a credit note to use for another purchase in exchange.

Cash register control

The opening and closing of the till are handled by RoverCash to optimise your activity’s management and control the transactions carried out.

Receipt management

Customise your receipts by adding information that’s necessary for your customer, print receipts or send them directly to your customers by email.

You have questions?

We have the answers.

What are the different methods of adding an item to a customer’s basket on RoverCash?
You can simply add an item to your customer’s basket by finding it directly in your catalogue, with many search possibilities. To go even faster, you can obviously scan your product’s barcode so it appears directly in your customer’s basket.


How can I scan an item to add it to a customer’s basket?
Nothing’s easier thanks to the camera on your tablet or smartphone! To scan one item even quicker or a large quantity of products, you can also connect a Bluetooth barcode scanner that’s compatible with iOS or Android to your tablet. However, be sure to check the product’s manufacturer information before buying or of the one you already own to be sure it’s compatible. As examples, we have listed here the models that we’ve tested for you.

What is free checkout?
Free checkout is selling a general item that can be customised during customer checkout. This allows you to make a sale without having created the sold item in your catalogue beforehand.


Can I use my own EPT?
You can use your own EPT for traditional payments by credit card. It won’t be connected to your RoverCash app, the app will just register the sale.


Can I use my own cash-drawer?
Of course, RoverCash is designed to adapt to a large number of cash-drawers. Connected to a printer, the cash-drawer will open during customer payment.

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