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What is click & collect ?
Just like drive-throughs for retail, click & collect enables your customers to order and pay for products online then pick them up in store. This is time-saving and therefore a rich purchasing experience.

How does click & collect work on RoverCash ?
When a customer picks click & collect during his purchase on your website, you receive a notification on your tablet that’s equipped with RoverCash. You just have to make the product available to your customer so he/she can come pick it up in store, after having signed the delivery form on the tablet.

What is store to web and store to store ?
Store to web is a practice that aims to transform a customer that’s in a situation where a product isn’t or is no longer available in store, by delivering it at his home or making it available in another company store.

How does store to web work on RoverCash ?
As soon as a customer wants to buy a product in store but it’s not available, the seller has the possibility, from the back office, to place an order for said product that will be delivered either at the customer’s home, or made available in another company store after checking if it’s in stock thanks to the multi-store stock management.

What is clienteling ?
Clienteling is generally defined as the personal relation between the seller and his customer at the heart of the purchasing experience in store. In itself, the practice isn’t new but has known many developments with the rise of digital and in particular the use of tablets for sellers that allows them to benefit from lots of information very simply.

How does clienteling work on RoverCash ?
When an exchange between a customer and a seller starts, the latter can use his tablet equipped with RoverCash to access the customer’s sheet. From there, he’s able to offer personalised customer service.

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