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Use the EPT PayZen with RoverCash


Process customer payments wherever you are!

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Bluetooth connection for optimal security that’s light and discreet, it accompanies you on all your trips, handles the most frequently used credit cards (VISA, CB, MasterCard). Payments made in just a few seconds and a long life expectancy for this POS.






*Subscription cost includes 200 monthly transactions. Over that, 0,10cts/transaction
Use the EPT Smile&Pay with RoverCash


The EPT for credit cards that’s accessible to all!

Available on Google Play

Smile&Pay the electronic payment terminal (EPT) for credit cards that’s accessible to all! Connect the payment terminal to your smartphone and process your customers’ payments wherever you are

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TPE Ingenico Move 5000


Autonomous Ingenico Terminal

Ingenico MOVE 5000

Move 5000 – wireless EPT. Needs an ADSL connection and a fixed IP address. It’s not a nomadic payment terminal. It’s a mobile EPT (wireless) that can be installed in a shop equipped with an ADSL connection.

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