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The prices displayed over 1 year are valid for annual billing. Those displayed over 3 years are valid for tri-annual billing. Prices are excluding taxes, per month and per tablet.

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Free payment management

Put tickets on hold and recall them

Product returns with refund or credit note

Discount management in euros and %

Add comments

Advanced search of contacts products or documents

Add a product by barcode scan


Traditional payment methods management

Display of change

Credit card payment

Manage payments with credit notes

Print receipts

Add specific comments on the receipt

Send e-receipts

Manage payments with customer loyalty points

Credit customer account

Receipt reprint or resend

Send electronic bills

Till checks management

Print opening and closing reports during till checks

Till funds management

Create customer account

Display customer accounting balance

Display customer purchase history

Manage customer credit notes

Send customised emails from the customer sheet

Customer category management

Your customer's payment history

Loyalty programme

Configure the rules for attribution and spending of customer loyalty points

Manual management of customer loyalty accounts

Display your customers' loyalty balance

Customer loyalty accounts history

Create product sheets

Record item references, barcodes, descriptions

Item brand management

Item category management

Manage item pictures

Manage favourite items

Manage new items

Check stock in real time

Change stock on item sheet

Items on sale management

Item range management

Manage linked items

Characteristics management

Configuration of stock threshold

Manage stock of multiple shops

Manage customer reviews visible on your item sheets

Number of receipts issued

Customers' medium basket

Turnover generated

Turnover generated by customer category

Turnover generated by product category

Turnover generated by brand

Margins realised

New customers acquired

Monitor sales assistant's sales statistics

Sales : Estimates and order management

Click & collect

Store to home & store to store

Multiple-salespeople management

Sales assitant access rights management

Manage multiple tablets linked to the back office

Maximum number of items


Maximum number of customers


Maximum number of documents


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